Slow Fashion for Speedy Women

Vestiarium Seoul shirt. <3 Photo by Sally Yu. 

Vestiarium Seoul shirt. <3 Photo by Sally Yu. 


The founders of Vestiarium, designer Camilla Mikama and co-founder Tiina Tissari focus on creating collectible pieces. Their collections are filled with building blocks of the wardrobe that will feel fresh after years and go well together with other pieces. Vestiarium apparel is stylish and effortless - meant to be worn with confidence and make you feel good. Focus is one of Vestiarium's key words for speedy women. The others are Aspiration, Purpose, Courage and Curiosity. 

Vestiarium Cone Bolero. Photo by Sally Yu.&nbsp;

Vestiarium Cone Bolero. Photo by Sally Yu. 


This is where it all starts. Having an idea of something that could be but does not exist yet. Nothing can keep her away from going after that vision. She is determined to start the pursuit. Because by doing that she can improve herself and also enhance the life of people around her. 


She does not do it only for herself, but also for others. Purpose is the fundamental state of mind which allows you to understand the bigger meaning of your actions and the path you have chosen. It opens up the bigger scene that you want to be a part of. It is the why that makes you get up every morning to keep making this world a little bit better every day.  

Cone Bolero. Photo by Sally Yu.

Cone Bolero. Photo by Sally Yu.


Sometimes difficult decisions need to be made. Changing jobs, leaving a relationship that is doing more harm than good, or simply having the courage to voice an opinion are situations where any woman needs to feel strong and confident. Often times it is about taking the step to the unknown. Sometimes we will need to be brave enough to admit and fix our mistakes or stand up for the decisions we made and the path we have chosen, no matter what other people think about us. We can never be prepared for everything, but courage will help us get through the most. 

Vestiarium Vienna shirt. Photo by Sally Yu.

Vestiarium Vienna shirt. Photo by Sally Yu.


Adventures, new cities, new people. Being curious keeps us going and provides with an endless source of new ideas. Curiosity feeds creativity and our ability to come up with possibilities that might become game-changing. The creative mindset can be seen in the way Vestiarium clothing is made. It is classy yet playful and interesting. Something to feed the curious mind. 

Photo by Sally Yu.&nbsp;

Photo by Sally Yu.