Above the City

Soundtrack: Your Shirt - Chelsea Cutler


"Are you afraid of high places?" Tony asks as we step into the elevator.

I have to stop and think about the question. Of course it would feel uncomfortable to stand on the edge of an unstable cliff. But most of the time I just enjoy seeing far, being able to look at the horizon and feel small and insignificant. I think that kind of perspective is important and does good for all of us - especially us millennials who are so used to seeing the world circle around ourselves. 

Seoul Sky.

Seoul Sky.

The view from the Seoul Sky tower is breathtaking. The city opens up in front of our eyes all the way to the mountains defining the horizon. First from up here it becomes comprehensible how wide the Han river dividing the city really is. 

Han river.jpg

Visiting places like this always amazes me. All the closer to 10 million people living in Seoul walk these streets, work, study, laugh, cry, argue and love somewhere right here before our eyes. So many lives and millions of stories are going on at the very moment and we have no idea. 

Seoul city and Lotte World amusement park.

Seoul city and Lotte World amusement park.


And here we stand, literally almost half a kilometer up to the sky and look at all this beauty. The next moment we'll be back on the streets and someone else will be watching us here. 

Feeling small and insignificant and on the top of the world at the same time must be one of my favorite feelings in the world. 



Above the city with Tony. 

Above the city with Tony. 

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